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I Don't Teach Technology


by Art Willer, M. Ed.

 In these changing times, it’s important that teachers know their purpose and the role technology plays in that purpose. The next time you are asked whether you teach technology, consider these responses: 
 I don’t teach technology. 
 I use technology as an integral part of my curriculum. My students pick missions, prepare for them, plan their strategies, negotiate with me for approval, and then collaboratively create what they planned. They use technology in every stage of this process. As a result, my students learn faster and remember more about technology and the whole curriculum than any traditional approach can possibly accomplish. 
 My curriculum is already full and it’s still growing.  
 That’s why I integrate technology into every subject and integrate every subject into technology. Students develop multiple intelligences rapidly when they apply themselves in worthwhile projects. My students pursue projects that directly fit with the curriculum and they develop all the basic skills as they proceed. 
 I don’t have time to learn new technology. 
 I get my students to do it! I look to my students to learn what they need to know about any new technology in order to achieve their goals. Some students become experts in a particular application and the other students look to them for help when the need arises. 
 I don’t teach any particular software product. 
  I teach people. I teach them how to write, solve problems, think logically and generally succeed. The technology my students use today will be completely replaced by the time they reach the workplace. I am not concerned with whether they know how to run a particular software program or technology. I am concerned that they can approach any technology, understand its use and master its application. 
 My students know more about technology than I do. 
 And I sure am glad for this because among my youngest students are the scientists, doctors and artists who will manage the world when I am long since retired. As a dedicated teacher, I vow to help them achieve the very best they can, which means they need to know a whole lot more than I know.