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To teach touch-typing, instructors need software that is effective with students, genuinely motivates them, lets teachers direct the instruction, reports results, and above all -- works reliably!  

UltraKey is the teacher's choice...

Clear, effective instruction in all aspects of touch-typing. 
Complete record keeping system with detailed reporting. 
Set preferences and import practice content to suit class and individual needs. 
Students can log in from home as though they are still at school.
Free phone, web and email support from the people who create UltraKey. Home users are supported too!

UltraKey is the district choice...

Effective in any grade with any learning needs. 
Proven record keeping system manages thousands of users at a time. Host your own data or use the UltraKey Cloud.
The district handles administration while teachers control the instruction. 
Range of permanent and subscription licensing options available. 

Software is engineered for easy deployment and low maintenance.

Online format coming in 2015. 

UltraKey is the trainer's choice...

As friendly and appropriate for adults as it is for children. 
Import occupation-related content for practice and testing.
Administer up to 5-minute long typing tests. 
Generate certifiable reports based on international typing assessment standards. 

Engineered for all Mac OS X and Windows computers.

Online format coming in 2015. 
Localized for North American, UK, and Australia-New Zealand English. 
Permanent and subscription licensing available. Please request a quote. 

Common questions...

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Is UltraKey suitable for adults? 
How can UltraKey meet the whole district's needs? 
Can students use UltraKey at home? 
How much maintenance does UltraKey need? 
What does UltraKey work on? 
How much does UltraKey cost? 
How can we evaluate UltraKey? 
How can we buy UltraKey? 
Why should we upgrade to UltraKey 6? 

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Do you run a non-profit training center? Your center might qualify for UltraKey licenses from our NPO/NGO support partner TechSoup.