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What computers and networks does UltraKey 6 work on?


 Schools use a wide range of computers and networks so UltraKey 6 is carefully engineered for operation in the broadest possible range of environments.  
   The UltraKey 6 client or program is engineered for...  
   • Mac OS X computers 10.6 to current.   
   • Windows computers Vista, Windows 7 through Windows 10.  
   • Netbooks - automatically adapts to screen size.  
   • Standard app servers - Novell, Windows, Mac OS X.  
   • Terminal servers - NComputing, Microsoft Multipoint, Citrix, others.  
   The UltraKey 6 Data Server Software is engineered for...  
   All Windows PCs or servers  
   All Mac? Don't have a server? Don't have support? See New! UltraKey Cloud for Record Keeping.  
   Looking for online applications? See UltraKey Online Coming Soon