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 May 2015 
 This Bytes of Learning newsletter keeps teachers informed about the latest in typing instruction news. We hope you will find it so useful you will send us your own tips and stories to share! 

Annual Keyboarding Challenge Shows Great Typing Instruction

 This past March, The 2015 district champion for Davis Schools scored 101 net words per minute bringing her within 5 words of the all-time record of 106 net wpm. While these amazing speeds are proof positive of how effectively the district is teaching kids to type, district co-ordinator Holly Handy says the challenge is really about letting every student in the district know how important typing skill is. Read and see for yoursefl at Davis Keyboard Challenge. 

New! Voice, Videos and More in the Latest UltraKey 6 Release

 UltraKey 6 build is now downloading and you will absolutely love the improvements! Voice actor Tina Meazell nails it with her delightful narration as users run UltraKey and play the all-new videos. Instead of just recommending a stretch break, the latest UltraKey offers a video break featuring 3D modeling from the game artists at Gunnar Games. And the latest improvements are all FREE to UltraKey 6 owners. Read more at Voice, Videos and More! 

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