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 August 2015 
 This Bytes of Learning newsletter keeps teachers informed about the latest in typing instruction news. We hope you will find it so useful you will send us your own tips and stories to share! 

UltraKey Online Coming Soon for Desktops, Chromebooks, iPads and Tablets

 A long-time keyboarding teacher and UltraKey fan recently said, "Keyboarding has to be taught!" And that is why the newest release of UltraKey -- the online format -- will continue the tradition of emphasizing correct posture and typing technique. "At the same time," says Bytes of Learning president Art Willer, "we are taking the opportunity to streamline the program. UltraKey has been evolving over three decades and many of the options that were once appropriate, are no longer necessary. We think administrators and teachers will really like the powerful, but easy-to-use management tools we are building into the new UltraKey." 
 Read more at UltraKey Online Coming Soon. 

International Typing Assessment Standards: What They Are and Why They Matter

 When the Davis School District operates its annual Keyboard Challenge, the District sets UltraKey to Modified International Typing Contest Rules (MITCRs) because the MITCRs provide a single, standardized typing score that can be compared from person to person and situation to situation. Holly Handy, co-ordinator of typing instruction in the District, reports that some parents complain that UltraKey marks too hard. These parents see their children achieve higher typing scores in online games, or with other desktop programs, and think UltraKey must be somehow reporting too low. People naturally assume that every typing program accurately analyzes typing performance, and that the software applies a common standard for typing performance assessment. It is important to understand how typing performance is supposed to be measured, and whether or not the software we are using can be trusted. Read more at Typing Assessment Standards. 

Davis Keyboarding Challenge Shows Great Keyboarding and Instruction


New! Voice, Videos and More in the Latest UltraKey 6 Release


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New! Cloud-based Record Keeping

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