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UltraKey North America School Edition for Windows and Mac Trial Request

Please complete the information requested below.

You do not receive any invoices until you actually purchase.

Your trial license will be emailed to you. Please provide your professional email address.

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Helping Us Prepare Your Trial

Where will the software be used?

We encourage you to share your UltraKey trial with any instructors and students who will be using the software when a license is purchased. Please indicate:
In a classroom or lab
In a school or building
At multiple buildings in a district or enterprise
At a preview center
Other (please describe)

Where would you like UltraKey to store records during the trial?

The desktop format of UltraKey can keep records on the local workstation, on a server you manage, or on the UltraKey Cloud. When records are stored on the UltraKey Cloud, users can log into records anywhere that UltraKey is operated. All records can be retained for use after purchase. Please choose:
On the local computer
On a server you manage
On the UltraKey Cloud

How did you hear about UltraKey?

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